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Robyn Staveley

Neuropedagogy in Music

by Robyn Staveley



Robyn Staveley is a senior lecture in the School of Teacher Education at UTS (University of Technology Sydney) where she coordinates all the Creative Arts subjects, teaches Music, Movement and Dance Education, and Educational Psychology. Robyn has been a classroom teacher in general and music contexts, from early childhood to K-12, and is well known throughout Australia and internationally as a presenter of professional development courses and workshops for teachers. She has written many educational resources and materials for teachers, and academic articles for scholarly journals.

Robyn is a member of the K-6 Creative Arts Board Curriculum Committee (NESA), holds state and national positions in professional music education organisations, and was the 2018 recipient of the Award of Honour for outstanding contribution to music and movement education, from the Orff Schulwerk national association. Currently, Robyn is researching the impact of cognitive neuroscience on music pedagogy and runs PD courses in Neuropedagogy in Music.



2 - 3 Nov 2019

Saturday & Sunday

9.30am to 5.00pm

(Morning & afternoon tea provided)


Aliwal Arts Centre

28 Aliwal St

Singapore 199918


SGD 260
(Payment method: Credit Card)


Cognitive Neuroscience can offer great insights to educators. When we know that the brain is designed for finding meaning in the world, and how it does this, we can then design teaching practices that best utilise this. This course will explore:

  • How the body, the brain and the world interact to develop deep knowledge and memory

  • Movement and its relationship to learning

  • How the brain works

  • Neurons, networks and complexity

  • Neuroplasticity and its significance for learning

  • Mirror Neurons and special implications for music pedagogy

Most importantly, these ideas will be actively explored through activities that will lead to understanding of what the research looks like in practice in music education.













This workshop suits music educators with at least 5 years of teaching experience. This would allow participants to have a deeper understanding on how lessons can be designed with neuroscience and neuropedagogy in mind.


It is hoped that participants will be able to takeaway ideas built from the workshop and impact their school/institution's music curriculum.





The cost for the 2-day workshop is SGD260 and places are very limited!

Tea-breaks will be provided. Every participant receives a Certificate of Participation (e-cert) upon successful completion of the workshop.

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Only 25 places are available for this workshop.

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