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A Singapore-flavoured approach to the Schulwerk

by Abdul Hakim

Sat 14 Oct 2023
9.00am - 4.00pm

Caliente Dance - Green Studio
Cecil Building 
137 Cecil Street #05-01 
Singapore 069537

SGD 88

SingOrff’s ORFFCOS Lah! workshop offers a dynamic and engaging introduction to the fundamental concepts and practices of the Orff-Schulwerk approach in music education. 

Designed for educators, musicians, and enthusiasts with varying levels of experience, this workshop provides participants with a hands-on exploration of the methodology's core principles, fostering creativity, collaboration, and musical expression.

This one-day workshop comprises interactive sessions, group activities, and practical exercises that delve into the heart of Orff-Schulwerk. Participants will be guided by an experienced Orff-certified instructor who combine theory with practical applications, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience.


This workshop is an introductory level to the Orff-Schulwerk philosophy, targeting those who wish to know more about the Orff approach. It also welcomes those who already had prior Orff experiences, but would love to reconnect, rejuvenate, refresh and recharge their understanding and application.

A Certificate of Participation will be given out upon completion. This certificate will indicate the number of hours clocked, which will be useful for participants who wish to upskill professionally to Orff Level One, which forms part of the entry requirements.


This workshop is suitable for Music educators from pre-schools, primary and secondary institutions.


Abdul Hakim has been an elementary music specialist in a local Singapore school for the past 20 years. He attained his Bachelor of Music Education and Management from the Singapore University of Social Sciences, as well as the Advanced Diploma in Primary Music Education in Singapore. 


Hakim completed his Orff Level III under ANCOS, and has since been giving numerous Orff-inspired workshops to adult educators and learners locally and around the region. He is a graduand from the Orff Schulwerk European Mentorship Programme - Singapore Satellite, a 1-year programme conducted by Soili Perkio, Christa Coogan and Elisa Seppanen. In Nov 2020, he was invited to present at the American Orff-Schulwerk Association (AOSA)'s Virtual Symposium to participants from all around the world. 


In August 2022, Hakim presented an Orff-inspired workshop at the 5th Asia Kodaly Symposium, organised by Kodaly Academy of Music. In October, he was invited to present a solo workshop on introduction to the Orff approach to local music teachers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Hakim has been a volunteer-presenter for SingOrff's Levels One and Two since 2018.

Among his teachers, mentors and influencers include Barbara Haselbach and Andrea Ostertag (Austria), Soili Perkio and Elisa Sappenan (Finland), Christa Coogan (USA/Germany), Doug Goodkin and Rob Amchin (USA), Peta Harper, Robyn Staveley, Bethany Rowe, Nikki Cox, Susie Davis-Splitter and Sarah Brookes (Australia), and Paul Grosse (Singapore). His passion and drive for teaching children stems from his philosophy that “every child deserves quality music education”. As an Orff proponent himself, Hakim strives to continue to explore and upskill in the world of Orff-Schulwerk, both locally and internationally. 


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