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Hand Drums
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An Inaugural Conference on Orff-Schulwerk


Elementaria 2019 is an inaugural Orff-Schulwerk conference organised by SingOrff. It offers a unique gathering of Orff practitioners, teachers and students who will experience inclusive hands-on vocal and instrumental activities. Presenters for this conference are renowned pedagogues from the Orff world, and will engage participants to various processes of sing, play and dance. 



Participants must acquire fundamental rudiments of music to help them in their musical understanding throughout the conference.



The cost for the conference is SGD 200, including lunch and tea break. However, register before 26 April 2019 and you'll get to enjoy an Early Bird special price at SGD 180. So do sign up early!


Saturday 8 June 2019


11.00am to 4.30pm


10 SQUARE Auditorium

#10-01 Orchard Central
181 Orchard Road
Singapore 238896

Children Playing Bongo Drums


Barbara Haselbach


The main determinant when applying Orff-Schulwerk is not the student’s level of education, but, more so, the teacher’s pedagogic talent and skill. Orff-Schulwerk builds on a child’s natural talent rather than on accumulated knowledge, it utilizes “Children’s Lore,” meaning traditional songs, movement games, stories, and dances from their own regions. Based on this, they can use the musical, linguistic, and movement material and turn them into their own presentations in both traditional and creative ways.  Schulwerk, by definition, is inclusive.


Andrea Ostertag


Movement and dance - rarely mentioned in written words about the Orff Schulwerk - nonetheless play a crucial role in elemental music and dance education. How can we integrate and connect it to elemental music education? With individual exercises and group activities we will find bridges between music, dance and speech to understand basic principles of the Orff Schulwerk.

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