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An Orff-Schulwerk LEVEL TWO Accreditation Course 




The Elemental Music & Dance Course II is an inaugural Orff-Schulwerk Accreditation Course organised by SingOrff. It is a continuation for participants who have undergone the Elemental Music & Dance Course (Level One), and will be held from the 10th to the 15th of June 2019, concurrently with the Level One course. World-class Orff trainers and presenters have been invited to share their expertise and offer a meaningful learning experience. It is open to participants who have already attained a Level One Orff-Schulwerk accreditation and wish to deepen their understanding of the Orff philosophy. The course duration for Level Two is 48 hrs, spread over 6 full days of intensive training and fun activities.


Participants need to meet both Criteria 1 & Criteria 2 below:


Criteria 1: Level One Certification

Participants have completed accreditation of Orff Level One conducted by any association of Orff-Schulwerk from any country or state (e.g AOSA, ANCOS, SingOrff, etc.). A copy of your Level One certificate is required for submission during registration as proof.

Criteria 2: Level 2 Audition

Produce and submit a video recording of you conducting a full Orff lesson to a group of students or adults, demonstrating elements of Orff-Schulwerk that you have acquired in Level One.

LEVEL TWO Full.png

10th - 15th June 2019
Monday through Saturday
9.00am to 6.00pm

Goodman Arts Centre
90 Goodman Rd,
Singapore 439053

Admin Fee of $50 will be charged for videos submitted after 20 Apr 2019








Upon successful completion of the Audition process, you may proceed to register. The cost for the 6-day intensive course includes course materials and tea breaks. However, register before 26 April 2019 and you'll get to enjoy an Early Bird special price. So do sign up early!

If you have further inquiries or are seeking clarifications on Registration, please feel free to email us at


SingOrff is delighted to have the following presenters for the Level courses:


The deadline for video submission has been extended to 20 April 2019. Please note that an administrative fee of $50 will be charged for videos submitted after 20 April 2019. 

Wolfgang Hartmann.png

Wolfgang Hans Hartmann

Department of Pedagogy, Culture, Thought, and Body Learning

Musikene, San Sebatian, Basque Country, Spain

Wolfgang Hartman has been a teacher of Early Music at the Centre of Superior Music (MUSIKENE), in San Sebatian, Basque Country since 2007. His professional experience is vast. He has worked in various “Carl Orff” primary schools in Germany and was the Head of Department of Instrumental Pedagogy, at the Klagenfurt Conservatoire, Austria, for ten years. He was also a pedagogical advisor for the Barenhoim-Said Foundation in Seville for their Masters of Education in Early Music in collaboration with the International University of Andalucia. He is a regular presenter at the Mozarteum University of Salzburg and is a permanent guest professor at the Superior Conservatoires in Peking and Shanghai.


Several years ago, he made a series of educational programmes for Bavarian radio. He has given workshops and seminars in various countries in Europe, Asia and America.

Paul Jerome Grosse

Adjunct Lecturer, National Institute of Education, Singapore

Adjunct Lecturer, Singapore University of Social Sciences

Paul Grosse attained his Bachelor of Music Teaching from the University of Western Australia on an Australian scholarship. He studied under Brian Mitchell and Mark Coughlan and participated in numerous masterclasses. On returning to Singapore, he received his Master of Arts, as a Research Scholar at the National Institute of Education, researching in Giuseppe Verdi’s operas. Paul is currently an adjunct lecturer at the above institution as well as the Singapore University of Social Sciences, lecturing on the pedagogy practices and teaching piano.


Having completed his levels training in San Francisco and the Special Course in Salzburg, he works extensively with students from both mainstream and special needs schools. His philosophy is informed by his studies with working with the master teachers like Doug Goodkin, Sophia Lopez-Ibor, and Barbara Haselbach.


Paul has given extensive workshops on the Orff-Schulwerk philosophy in South- East Asia. He is presently overseeing the Orff-Schulwerk Association of Singapore (SingOrff).


Andrea Ostertag

Lecturer, Mozarteum University, Salzburg

Andrea Ostertag was born in Salzburg, Austria in 1965. After her studies in "Music and Dance Education" at the Orff-Institute from the Mozarteum University, Salzburg, she started to work in music schools, regular schools and other institutions. She also started to give workshops abroad. Since 1991 she has been a member of the Orff teacher’s staff at the Orff-Institute in Salzburg, with emphasis on dance, including folk dancing, dancing with children, dance technique and so on. Besides dance, Andrea is also a Shiatsu practitioner, a Clown Doctor in a hospital, and perform in an a Capella music cabaret group, the “muhTanten”. (Adapted from

SingOrff had the honour of hosting Andrea to conduct a 2-day workshop in Sep 2017 & 2018 entitled Movement & Dance in an Orff Classroom.

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